AGV Wines

2015 Pinot Noir and 2017 Chardonnay released.

Both are now available in the online store.



2015 Pinot Noir:

The colour is typically dark and intense as you would expect of an Apsley Pinot.

The nose shows rich, ripe Pinot fruit, with an underlying charcuterie character.

 Even as a young wine this is showing its ageing potential.

 The initial palate is of that rich Pinot fruit that was also on the nose. Leading on from this the wine is a textural sensation of the fruit, the subtle tannins, and the complex aspects of the natural yeast. Even though there is the hallmark of ripe East Coast fruit there is an underlying acid background uniting all of the components into a seamless, balanced wine.


2017 Chardonnay.

 The color is typical of Apsley Gorge chardonnay, golden and quite intense due to the fact that there is no fining or filtration.

 The nose is rich Chardonnay,  with wet river rock minerality, and a subtle lick of French oak.

 The palate entry is full blown Burgundian: rich, textured, delivering all the necessary characters with an underlying tension that on the finish speaks more of Chablis than Meursault: almost oyster shells. This is a young wine, released now because of demand.

Already impressive, it will only improve with age. Enjoy!