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Currently available: 2019 and just released 2020 Pinot Noir.


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Wine notes: 2020

The colour is for you to appreciate. This is pinot noir.

The nose has the typical Apsley Gorge concentrated Pinot fruit giving a hint of what is to come. Even with the primary fruit you have the other complexities nosing through, and this wine has only started its journey.

You know when it hits your pallet that this is something very special.

It invades your mouth, not just the sensors on your tongue, but your whole mouth.

The inside of your cheeks, your gums, and then your taste sensors start to hum a symphony. 

What is this, It can’t possibly have come from mere grapes?

This is what pinot is about.

Subtly, but with power, elegance, mystery, sensualness and ultimately pleasure and enjoyment. 

Maybe the moon, the stars, and the planets aligned? 

Maybe it was the season, the right amount of sun and rain? 

Maybe 30 year old vines?

….or maybe just luck?


Wine notes: 2019

It is amazing when you look at a glass of Apsley Gorge Pinot: translucent, ethereal.

It is hard to imagine the power and concentration of the nose and the palate from such a delicate looking wine. The 2019 is no exception.

 NOSE:  Straight away there is the complexity. How can this come from grapes?

All of the elements are there, but they are difficult to isolate. Forest floor and that natural yeast funkiness. They all combine to give you this complex smell sensation, and then the fruit comes to the fore.

PALATE: A very rich textural entry. Beautiful fruit tannins, more a mouth feel than drying skin and seed tannins.  All this punctuated by rich pinot fruit leading to a long persistent finish.



Tasmanian Liquor License No. 58239